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Be A Broadcaster

If you possess an interest in pursuing a broadcasting role with SynthPop Radio, we kindly request that you communicate your intent by sending a formal communication to the program director subsequent to reviewing the provided FAQ.


What are the prerequisites?


We require a consistent commitment to your broadcasting responsibilities. Punctuality is of utmost importance given the nature of radio broadcasting. Your broadcasts should maintain a reasonable level of entertainment value while adhering to a prescribed schedule.


What are the permissible content boundaries?


SynthPop Radio endorses the principle of free speech. Nonetheless, any adverse reactions resulting from your expressed views shall not be attributed to our organization. While creative expression and strong opinions are encouraged, the accountability for the content you disseminate rests solely with you. SynthPop Radio shall not assume liability for the content you choose to broadcast.


What equipment is necessary?


We encourage broadcasters to utilize their personal computer and/or broadcast studio for their transmissions. However, if you wish to employ a producer within the framework of SynthPop Radios primary broadcast studio, kindly specify your preference in your correspondence.




Engagement is not contingent upon a binding broadcasting contract. Our approach is designed to be uncomplicated and unrestricted. However, we rely on your commitment to punctuality and dependability. Failure to conduct three scheduled broadcasts without a legitimate justification may result in your exclusion from the programming schedule.


All broadcasts remain the exclusive property of the broadcaster. SynthPop Radio serves solely as the broadcasting platform. Nevertheless, SynthPop Radio reserves the right to rebroadcast, edit, and distribute the content across its platforms.”

SynthPop Radio does not offer monetary compensation for your broadcast, nor are you required to compensate SynthPop Radio for using the SPR platform. This agreement simply means that you provide your talent to SynthPop Radio, and in exchange, you receive exposure for your work as the broadcaster.


The Enthusiastic Part


If you possess the requisite qualities and concur with the stipulated terms and conditions, please proceed to forward an email to Vic, the program director at SynthPop Radio. In your communication, kindly include your preferred broadcasting time slot, proposed show title, and the primary theme or topic of your show.

Advantages of using SynthPop Radio for broadcasting

1. Your broadcast will be available on many different platforms, including popular ones like TuneIn Radio and

2. People can listen on various devices like iPhones, Android phones, Roku, Fire TV, Mixcloud and Alexa.

All broadcasts are required to include an element of SynthPop or future pop music.

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